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      Allow us to suggest with great warmth and trust few accommodation options you can choose depending on favorite activities:

     One of the possibilities of accommodation trout Albota recommend is situated 6 km from the city of Victoria.

     Albota trout is the perfect place to relax where you will find the rooms a modern rustic, authentic taste of milk products and fish in the river or lake trout arranged specially for this pleasure.

      For more information visit website:

     Another option is accommodation in Poiana Izvorului from Sambata de Sus. There awaits a modern hotel, equipped with fitness center, heated swimming pool and sports fans can be hiking in the nearby Manastirea Brancoveanu  or horses Sambata.

    Website: will be available with more details.

    Pension Calbor is also the perfect place to spend leisure time. Located 7 km from the city of Fagaras, quiet surroundings where you can combine swimming in the pool, tennis and fitness in perfect harmony.

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